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Our ethic is simple.

Invest. Develop. Construct. Let.

OMG Developments Ltd
invest and joint venture in the purchase or lease of residential or commercial property and land acquisition, with the potential to build, extend, renovate, refurbish or change the use of, in order to let as HMOs, serviced accommodation, single dwellings and title deed splits

To own assets that repeatedly produce residual income and continue to improve capital growth over time, property is quite simply one of the best ways to make money. With house prices having risen a further 10% in the last year (2015-2016), the rental market is on the up and up.

Our team of managers, builders, architects, brokers and solicitors work alongside our in-house development/management company to provide a package we can utilise together from the outset to completion.

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As well as our full scale developments in the new build and construction sector,

OMG Developments are in a position to advise, set out and implement strategies to move forward with any ideas you may have, but don’t have the right team to progress you with.

Our team can guide you through the strategies and comprehensively suggest the most effective way to increase your living spaces and improve the quality of existing areas and will equip clients with layouts and floor plans and liaise with your local building control department to guarantee the correct building regulations are met. We can extend your property, convert lofts and basements, add warm deck conservatories and ensure your interior decorating is modern and fresh.

OMG Developments are able to run multiple projects and average 4 small scale or 2 medium scale projects in any set month.

We offer an independent project management service for clients who already have a trusted trade team and have our own in-house quantity surveyors who service a broad range of projects all with ever changing tender details.

We currently have 4 teams of highly skilled trade project managers who each specialise in their chosen fields:

Loft/barn conversion teams
Extension/new build teams
Commercial conversion/refurbishment teams
Office and business procurement teams