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Our ethic is simple.

Invest. Develop. Construct. Let.

OMG Developments Ltd
invest and joint venture in the purchase or lease of residential or commercial property and land acquisition, with the potential to build, extend, renovate, refurbish or change the use of, in order to let as HMOs, serviced accommodation, single dwellings and title deed splits

To own assets that repeatedly produce residual income and continue to improve capital growth over time, property is quite simply one of the best ways to make money. With house prices having risen a further 10% in the last year (2015-2016), the rental market is on the up and up.

Our team of managers, builders, architects, brokers and solicitors work alongside our in-house development/management company to provide a package we can utilise together from the outset to completion.

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OMG Property Lets predominantly let in multiple occupancy,
with a minimum of 4 rooms let per house combining single and double occupancy.

We furnish to a high standard, without running the risk of pricing ourselves out of the market
Our property manager sets out to match tenants harmoniously inline with their backgrounds
We as landlords provide high end, clean, working and useable facilities at all times
Utility bills (council tax, water rates, gas, electric, broadband and TV licence) are included in our rent costs
We are happy to employ a cleaner to service all communal areas on a weekly basis to guarantee comfort and hygiene whilst living in one of our properties
Rent is payable on a weekly basis and deposits are placed in the TDS
Any failure in facilities will be immediately rectified or replaced
Requests for further improvements or provisions will be considered and a decision will be reached within 14 days of such requests