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Our ethic is simple.

Invest. Develop. Construct. Let.

OMG Developments Ltd
invest and joint venture in the purchase or lease of residential or commercial property and land acquisition, with the potential to build, extend, renovate, refurbish or change the use of, in order to let as HMOs, serviced accommodation, single dwellings and title deed splits

To own assets that repeatedly produce residual income and continue to improve capital growth over time, property is quite simply one of the best ways to make money. With house prices having risen a further 10% in the last year (2015-2016), the rental market is on the up and up.

Our team of managers, builders, architects, brokers and solicitors work alongside our in-house development/management company to provide a package we can utilise together from the outset to completion.

Purchase To Let Package

We offer a full ‘Purchase To Let’ deal for existing and prospective landlords to maximise returns, cut out costly estate agency fees and market a high quality product.

Tenant sourcing for short and long term ASTs
Deposit guarantee scheme registration
Full after rental management
Rent collection and change overs
Full maintenance - inspections and certifications
Fire regulations and amenity standards
LED lighting and modern WIFI heating controls with remote access
Keyless entry systems
Room/floor layouts
Communal and living arrangements
NIC EIC gas safe inspections and testing
Sky/Virgin Media Multi-Room
Guaranteed Rent Package

Couldn't keep your property let? Our guaranteed rent package ensures your property is let for a negotiable fixed term period of up to 5 years by letting your property from you ourselves. The benefits to you are extensive. We take away all the worry of empty periods, late or missed rent payments, remove the stress of tenant queries or management, you will have a guaranteed start date, same day rent payments and the internal condition is guaranteed and much improved.

We refurbish and develop your property
We boost the equity in your property by making improvements
We deal with tenants, management, contracts and repairs
We pay you guaranteed rent whether or not we have our own tenants in occupancy